EPISODE #5: Bizaardvark

Unlike their fellow participants in Disney Storytellers, Josh Lehrman and Kyle Stegina didn't come into the 20-week writing program with an idea for a show. But by listening to the feedback of their mentors at Disney, they were able to create (and recereate) the show that eventually became "Bizaardvark," a workplace comedy on a network that doesn't do workplace comedies.

Josh and Kyle tell Mike their contrasting philosophies on social media, the discovery that writing a kids' show is at least as hard as writing a grown-up show, and how they cast an incredibly brilliant actor as Paige's dad in the original pilot, only to later cast him into the gutter for their own amusement. :)

In the Bite-Sized clip, Kid Stuff Sophie introduces Josh & Kyle as they tell us about how their original pilot, "Pagie & Frankie," evolved into the show that is now "Bizaardvark."

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