EPISODE #8: Aaron Simpson, Animation Producer

If you grew up in the 80s, Aaron Simpson’s story may be familiar to you, especially if you grew up wanting to make movies.

He’ll tell us about the animated shorts he made by co-opting his dad’s 8mm camera.

He’ll tell us how he switched to making ridiculous live-action videos with his friends once that technology became available… by co-opting his dad’s video camera.

And you’ll also hear how he made a lot of connections in the animation industry through the blog he published about a new tool called Flash animation.

He met a lot of people that he later went on to work with by interviewing them for his blog.

I’m particularly interested in that part myself.

Find Aaron's blog at coldhardflash.com, and the companies he works with at www.mondomedia.com and www.sixpointharness.com.

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