EPISODE #7: Richard Kissel, Paleontologist

Richard Kissel has been on a pretty direct path his entire life to where he is now as the Director of Public Programs at Yale's Peabody Museum of Natural History. Richard tells Mike how he's always been passionate about not only his love for dinosaurs, but about getting other people to love them to by understanding their history and complexity.

Mike reads this sentence to Richard from his bio page: "Dr. Kissel's current scientific research focuses on the enigmatic group of Paleozoic tetrapods known as diadectids—the first tetrapods capable of processing a diet of high-fiber terrestrial plants." Mike then challenges Dr. Kissel to explain in a way that would be exciting to a kid what makes diadectids so fascinating, and guess what? He totally does.

Visit his and Kelly Kennard's awesome side project at www.oursecrettreehouse.com, and find the Yale Peabody Museum at http://peabody.yale.edu.

In case you didn't already know it, this episode is a good place to discover that science is awesome.

This is Richard! I hope he still has those shorts.

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