New Year Bite-Sized Bonanza!

Kid Stuff Kid Sophie and Kid Stuff Host Mike have been collecting some fun bite-sized episodes of the podcast for you, and now we're going to assault you with them in the New Year! For the first SIX days of January, we'll release a new bite-sized episode EVERY DAY!

Here's what you have to look forward to:

  • January 1st - Episode 6A - Dr. Todd from Jelly of the Month Club tells us about the after school program "Daydreamers Academy"

  • January 2nd - Episode 7A - Professor Richard Kissel from the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History explains why Diadectids were so important to the way the world is now.

  • January 3rd - Episode 8A - Animation Producer Aaron Simpson tells us about his earliest experiences making animation.

  • January 4th - Episode 9A - Bjorn Jeffery from Toca Boca explains why Toca Nature is one of his favorite apps.

  • January 5th - Episode 10A - Disney Channel casting director Sheryl Levine explains how her whole family was in show business together, and how it moved them from New York to LA.

  • January 6th - Episode 11A - Former child actors and current talent agents Harry and Brandy Gold tell the stories of how they originally discovered two of the biggest actors in Hollywood.

Happy New Year!

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