Episode #18 - Joel Zwick

Directing theater, movies, and TV involves three very different skill sets. Joel Zwick has not only done all three, he has flourished at all of them.

He started with the famous La Mama theater company, bringing their shows from the Village to Broadway and the West End.

He spent the 80s and 90s with Miller Boyett television, directing literally hundreds of episodes of some of the most popular TV comedies from that era.

In features, Tom Hanks convinced him to direct this little independent comedy, called "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

And since 2010, he’s been directing episodes of every show that you like on the Disney Channel.

All that aside, this is a guy who should have been on Hollywood Squares. He pulls no punches, he’s willing to talk about anything and everything, and he’s as naturally hilarious as the things he’s been directing for the last 40 years.

Many thanks to Marc Warren for the introduction.that lead to this conversation.

You can catch Mr. Zwick's upcoming episodes of "K.C. Undercover" on Disney Channel, and if you’re in southern California, keep an eye out this April for the play he’s putting up in Thousand Oaks, written by previous guest Marc Warren, called “Furniture.”

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