Episode #26 - Dan Bern

I was introduced to Dan Bern’s music almost 20 years ago when a friend played the song “Jerusalem” for me, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I got ridiculously excited to learn that Judd Apatow had tapped him to write the songs for “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story,” and the songs he contributed to that movie are hilarious and wonderful.

He has a 7 year old daughter now, and has recently started writing more kids’ songs. He has 2 kids’ albums, "Two feet Tall" and "Three Feet Tall." Plus, he writes the songs for the amazon kids’ show “Stinky & Dirty.”

He’s also a poet, a novelist under the pseudonym Cunliffe Merriwether, and a painter.

You can find all the great things Dan is up to, plus you can buy his albums, paintings, and books, at danbern.com. You can also find him on Instagram.

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