Episode #27 - Jeannine Glista

Jeannine Glista is the executive producer of the PBS show “Biz Kids.” It uses sketch comedy and profiles of young entrepreneurs to teach kids (mostly in the middle school range) how to start their own business, grow that business, run that business, and how to manage their money.

You know, all those incredibly useful skills that no one has taught me yet in my 40s.

The process of getting the show produced and on the air was quite a feat of entrepreneurship itself.

Thanks to Shelby Burford with Biz Kids for introducing me to Jeannine.

Thanks again to Jeannine Glista for her time and her stories, and thanks for this very exciting bonus:

Jeannine has offered me a few copies of the book from the creators of Biz Kids, “How to turn $100 into $1,000,000.”

It’s a road map for young people to take to learn how to achieve financial freedom, and you can get your very own free copy.

Tell any kid you know who has started their own business (or at least tried to) to go here.

Send us an email with the story of your business, whether it took off and became a huge success, or whether it crashed and burned or just fizzled out, we’d love to hear about it. Include your address, and the first few stories will get a copy of the book.

You can find “How to turn $100 into $1,000,000” on Amazon, you can find Jeannine on her website, and you can find BizKids here.

Thanks for listening!

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